Códice De Trajes, 1547

1r North-African Cavalryman
5v Spaniards
8v Spanish Soldiers
9v Galicians
11r Basques
11v Basques
14v-15r Tunisian Ruler on the Barbary Coast & Cavalry with very long spears
16r Barbary Coast - a rich person and negro guard
32v Netherlanders
35r English Archers
41v Habsburg Soldiers
42r Habsburg Soldiers
57r Hungarians
59v Mamelukes
60v Janissary, Albanian and Turkish Officer
61v Turks
62r Tatars or Arabs
64v Irish
From the Códice De Trajes (54MB). This German 16th century text is now in the Biblioteca Nacional de España. Call number Res/285

The date of 1547 is the British Library's

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